VIVA Mental Health

Redefining capacity for knowledge mobilization in mental health at the Douglas

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The VIVA Mental Health Program is built around the idea of stimulating new ways of communicating science at the research centre. This new paradigm aims to replace the objective to “publish or perish” by one to “get visible or vanish” (VIVA), hence the project’s name. 

Launch: Fall 2021

The general objective will be to improve the infrastructure and expertise at DRC for knowledge mobilization in mental health and neuroscience. This will be addressed by the establishment of the VIVA Mental Health Program, composed of three complementary axes : 

  • VIVA STUDIO: to create a recording and editing infrastructure for video production
  • VIVA WORKSHOPS: to train academics in how to do KM with video, infographics or podcast
  • VIVA AWARDS: to stimulate production of content within the Douglas academic community