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vlcsnap-170051-grandTransdisciplinary training

The Eating Disorders Program (EDP) provides specialized transdisciplinary training to clinicians, researchers, and students in undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate university programs.
The goal of this training is to:

  • Educate clinicians about current best-practice standards
  • Demonstrate how to modify practice according to the latest research findings

Most EDP team members hold appointments in their respective university departments (psychiatry, psychology, social work, dietetics, occupational therapy, etc.), and offer formal teaching on eating disorders through these roles.

Knowledge Transfer

The EDP offers trainings on topics relating to the Eating Disorders on an ongoing basis.


Once a month, the EDP offers a 2 hour long video-conference on a variety of topics relating to the eating disorders such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), nutrition, and evaluating risk. Consult the full schedule.

Workshops for health care professionals

The EDP also offers workshops with the possibility of ongoing supervision to professionals in the Quebec health care network. The workshops cover topics relating to eating disorders such as phenomenology, comorbidity, biopsychosocial influences and therapeutic techniques.

Workshops for the community and the general public

The EDP conducts workshops to groups of individuals who would like to learn more about eating disorders and related topics such as how to approach someone you suspect might have an eating disorder and where you can refer them.

The team also participates in public education activities organized by the Douglas Institute such as the Mini-Psych School.


For more information about these training opportunities please contact:

Shiri Freiwald
Knowledge Transfer Coordinator
Tel.: 514-761-6131 ext. 3899

Miriam Yaffe
Knowledge Transfer Coordinator



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