Stress, mood and impulsivity disorders

Basic Neuroscience / Animal Research

Nicolas Cermakian

Molecular chronobiology

Salah El-Mestikawy

Glutamatergic systems in normal and pathological brains

Alain Gratton

Neurobiology of stress

Brigitte Kieffer

G protein-coupled receptors in brain function and disease

Naguib Mechawar

Neuroanatomy of mood disorders and suicide

Jamie Near

Magnetic resonance methods development

Joseph Rochford

Animal models, behavioral pharmacology, behavioural phenotyping

Kai-Florian Storch

Biological rhythms and psychopathology

Claire-Dominique Walker

Early stress, maternal regulation and neuroendocrine development

Tak Pan Wong

Glutamate synapses and psychiatric disorders

Tieyuan Zhang

Optoneuroepigenetics Lab

Clinical Research / Human Research

Jorge Armony

Emotions, fMRI, PTSD

Serge Beaulieu

Bipolar Disorders Program

Marcelo Berlim

Neuromodulation Research Clinic

Diane Boivin

Study and treatment of human circadian rhythms

Reut Gruber

Attention, behaviour and sleep

Mimi Israel

Eating disorders

Johanne Renaud

Youth suicide and suicidal behaviours

Howard Steiger

Eating Disorders Program

Gustavo Turecki

Suicide studies

Psychosocial Research / Population Research

Marie-Claude Geoffroy

Epidemiology of suicide and related mental disorders accross the lifespan