Psychosis and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Basic Neuroscience / Animal Research

Patricia Boksa

Neurobiology of schizophrenia and neurodevelopmental disorders

Carl Ernst

Genetic and epigenetic variation associated with neurodevelopmental disorders

Cecilia Flores

Adolescent brain development and susceptibility to psychopathology

Bruno Giros

Pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders

Giamal Luheshi


Michael Meaney

Biological basis of vulnerability for psychopathology

Lalit Srivastava

Etiopathology of schizophrenia and autism

Basic Neuroscience / Animal Research, Clinical Research / Human Research

Ridha Joober

Genetics and pharmacogenetics of psychiatric disorders

Kieran O'Donnell

Perinatal influences on early-childhood development, biological embedding of early adversity

Clinical Research / Human Research

Bruno Debruille

Cognitive and social neuroscience

Natalie Grizenko

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder research

Sherif Karama

Genetic and environmental effects on brain development across the lifespan and corollary impacts on cognition

Martin Lepage

CRISP group: Comprehensive research into schizophrenia and psychosis

Clinical Research / Human Research, Psychosocial Research / Population Research

Srividya Iyer

Youth mental health and early intervention for psychosis, in Canada and beyond

Suzanne King

Role of prenatal maternal stress in the development of psychopathology

Ashok Malla

PEPP-Montréal and ACCESS-Canada

Jai Shah

Risk for psychosis and other mental illnesses affecting young people