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Sylvia Villeneuve, PhD

Associate Director 
Judes Poirier, PhD, MD (Hon), CQ

The main objective of the StoP-Alzheimer Center is to pursue innovative studies on the “pre-symptomatic” phase of Alzheimer’s disease using measures of various disease indicators, including genetic variants, brain imaging, cerebrospinal fluid collection, neurosensory markers, as well as lifestyle questionnaires, cognitive and medical assessments.

The StoP-Alzheimer Center is studying a cohort of cognitively healthy participants with a history of Alzheimer’s-type dementia in their parents or siblings. These “at-risk” participants are monitored and evaluated every year, some of them since 2011. Preventive interventions are also evaluated in this program.

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In addition to working with numerous collaborators, our mission is to make our research data accessible and reusable to the entire global scientific community via the principles of open science in order to accelerate discoveries about Alzheimer’s disease as much as possible.

Our datasets are accessible via the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform portal: :  or via a publicly accessible database ( and a database restricted to academic researchers and physicians (

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