Slide Scanning Service

Full service batch microscopy

The Slide Scanning Service is an efficient and cheap way of imaging your histology or fluorescent slides. We will use our Olympus VS120 slide scanner to acquire your slides. You can learn more about the capabilities of this scanner in the Equipment section of this website.

All you need to do is contact us to plan your order and work out the easiest way to bring your slides over to the Douglas Hospital in Verdun. We’ll scan your slides ASAP and send them back with all your images.

Use the slide scanning service to:

  • Image a large number of slides for high-throughput screening
  • Digitize pathology slides for quick reference
  • Scan important fluorescent slides for permanent record-keeping
  • Speed up your last-minute experiments
  • Acquire images for stereology and neuron reconstruction on brain sections

The base rates for complete slide scans are available in the fees section of this website. Please note that the magnification for complete slide scans is capped for the base rate, up to 20x for Brightfield slides, and up to 10x for Fluorescent slides. Please contact us for the price of higher magnifications.

Douglas users can opt to have their images directly uploaded into OMERO. External users can simply send a USB drive along with their slides to transfer the images.