Responsible Conduct in Research

Norme 9 : L’établissement fait la promotion de la conduite responsable en recherche et établit une procédure pour traiter les allégations de manquement à la conduite responsable en recherche.

* Cadre de référence ministériel pour l’encadrement de la recherche avec des participants humains dans les établissements du RSSS 

The Douglas Research Centre’s Policy for Responsible Conduct in Research from 2015 has now been replaced by the Montreal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (MWI IUHSSC) adopted a Procedure for the Treatment of Complaints and Misconduct (2021) in accordance with the framework proposed by the FRQ’s policy. This procedure is consistent with McGill University’s policies and, when applicable, involves the person in charge of responsible conduct at the Douglas Research Centre.

It is the responsibility of all those involved in research to make themselves aware of the behaviours, roles, and responsibilities presented in these procedures.


Person in charge of responsible conduct (PCRC)



Dr. Willine Rozefort
Assistant Director of Professional Services
514-761-6131 ext. 2755

Procédure de traitement des plaintes et des manquements en matière de conduite responsable en recherche [available soon]

McGill University

Dr. Christina Wolfson
Deputy Research Integrity Officer
514-934-1934 poste 44739

Regulations Concerning the Investigation of Research Misconduct

The handling of a complaint depends on the person targeted by this complaint:

  • If it is a professor, student, or employee of McGill University, the file is transferred to the Deputy Research Integrity Officer at McGill University.
  • In the case of a researcher or studentat the Douglas Research Center, the file is transferred to the Research Integrity Officer who will transfer the file to the MWI IUHSSC PCRC if he or she judges it necessary.
  • Complaints against any other person at the MWI IUHSSC are processed by the MWI IUHSSC’s PCRC.

Complaints must be communicated to the PCRC in writing and must include the following information:

  • The name of any person involved
  • The name of the research in question, if applicable
  • A description of the situation underlying the alleged breach of responsible conduct in research
  • The name of the complainant and his/her signature
  • The date

The admissibility of a complaint is determined by the PCRC and an executive of the institution. If a complaint is deemed admissible, the FRQ are informed but the data are de-identified and a complaint review committee is formed. The complaint review committee must include a member external to the institution and a member from the field of research or having the same professional competence as the person against whom the complaint was made. This committee has up to 5 months to determine whether the allegation of complaint is justified and to decide on sanctions. If applicable, the PCRC submits a complaint review report that includes all identifying information to the FRQ and the federal granting agencies when applicable.

PDF icon FRQ Politique sur la conduite responsable en recherche – 2022

PDF icon McGill Research Misconduct Regulations