Douglas Researchers

Neuromolecular and brain cell specific underpinnings of mood disorders

Vasavan Nair, MD

Prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Michel Perreault, PhD

Knowledge translation through training and program evaluation

Mental health recovery, housing, homelessness for people with psychiatric disabilities, and knowledge translation

Judes Poirier

Alzheimer's disease genetics research

Rachel Rabin, PhD

Neurocognitive and social cognitive function in individuals with substance use disorders and co-morbid psychiatric illness

Cognitive neuroscience of memory, aging and dementia prevention

Johanne Renaud

Youth suicide and suicidal behaviours

Stéphane Richard-Devantoy, MD, PhD

Cognitive control in elderly suicide

Joseph Rochford, PhD

Animal models, behavioral pharmacology, behavioural phenotyping

Pedro Rosa-Neto

Translational Neuroimaging Laboratory (TNL)

Laurence Roy, PhD

Precariousness, mental illness and psychosocial rehabilitation

Molecular Imaging, Positron Emission Tomography, Kinetic Modeling of PET radioligands, Clinical applications of PET in neuroscience, neurology and psychiatry

Jai Shah

Early intervention, first episode psychosis, at-risk mental states, youth mental health, clinical staging in psychiatry

Early life adversity and the co-morbidity between metabolic and psychiatric disease

Lalit Srivastava, PhD

Etiopathology of schizophrenia and autism

Howard Steiger, PhD

Eating Disorders Program

Kai-Florian Storch

Biological rhythms and psychopathology

Jacques Tremblay

Clinical epidemiology in mental health

Suicide studies