Douglas Researchers

Naguib Mechawar

Neuroanatomy of mood disorders and suicide

Xiangfei Meng

Study and prevention of psychiatric and neuro-degenerative diseases

Vasavan Nair

Prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Jamie Near

Magnetic resonance methods development

Kieran O'Donnell

Perinatal influences on early-childhood development, biological embedding of early adversity

Michel Perreault

Knowledge translation through training and program evaluation

Myra Piat

Mental health recovery, housing as a basic human right, system transformation, innovative practices and knowledge translation

Judes Poirier

Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Research

Maria Natasha Rajah

Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging & Memory

Johanne Renaud

Youth suicide and suicidal behaviours

Joseph Rochford

Animal models, behavioral pharmacology, behavioural phenotyping

Pedro Rosa-Neto

Translational Neuroimaging Laboratory (TNL).

Norbert Schmitz

Mental health epidemiology lab

Jai Shah

Risk for psychosis and other mental illnesses affecting young people

Lalit Srivastava

Etiopathology of schizophrenia and autism.

Howard Steiger

Eating Disorders Program.

Kai-Florian Storch

Biological rhythms and psychopathology.

Cognitive dysfunctions in psychiatric disorders

Jacques Tremblay

Clinical epidemiology in mental health

Gustavo Turecki

Suicide Studies