Douglas Researchers

Adolescent brain development and susceptibility to psychopathology

Serge Gauthier, MD

Alzheimer's disease research

Epidemiology of suicide and related mental disorders accross the lifespan

Bruno Giros

Pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders

Alain Gratton, PhD

Neurobiology of stress

Natalie Grizenko, MD

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder research

Reut Gruber

Attention, behaviour and sleep

Mimi Israel, MD, MSc

Eating disorders

Youth mental health and early intervention for psychosis, in Canada and beyond

Ridha Joober, MD, PhD

Genetics and pharmacogenetics of psychiatric disorders, Youth mental health and early intervention in psychotic disorders

Sherif Karama, MD, PhD

Genetic and environmental effects on brain development across the lifespan and corollary impacts on cognition

Brigitte Kieffer, PhD

G protein-coupled receptors in brain function and disease

Suzanne King, PhD

Role of prenatal maternal stress in the development of psychopathology

Marc Laporta, MD
Mental health knowledge transfer and exchange

Mental health policy and economic evaluation

Martin Lepage, PhD

CRISP group: Comprehensive research into schizophrenia and psychosis

Outi Mantere Linnaranta

Characterizing phenotypes of severe mental illness

Giamal Luheshi


Ashok Malla, MD, FRCPC

First Episode, High Risk for Psychosis and Early Intervention and ACCESS Open Minds

Biological basis of vulnerability for psychopathology