Douglas Researchers

Jorge Armony

Emotions, fMRI, PTSD

Serge Beaulieu

Bipolar Disorders Program

Marcelo Berlim

Neuromodulation Research Clinic

Véronique Bohbot, PhD

Human spatial memory, navigation and neural plasticity

Diane Boivin

Study and treatment of human circadian rhythms

Neuronal circuits of memory

John Breitner

Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

Alain Brunet

Impact of traumatic stress on mental health

Nicolas Cermakian, PhD

Molecular chronobiology

Eduardo Chachamovich

Social and clinical determinants of mental health in Aboriginal populations

Mallar Chakravarty, PhD

Computational brain anatomy

Aging, Cerebrovascular, and Neurodegenerative Disorders

J. Bruno Debruille, MD, PhD

Cognitive and social neuroscience

FTD & Neuropsychiatry Lab

Salah El-Mestikawy

Glutamatergic systems in normal and pathological brains

Carl Ernst

Genetic and epigenetic variation associated with neurodevelopmental disorders

Organisation and adequacy of mental health services

Adolescent brain development and susceptibility to psychopathology

Serge Gauthier, MD

Alzheimer's disease research