Research Platforms


Cerebral Imaging Centre

Director: Mallar Chakravarty, PhD About the CIC The Douglas Cerebral Imaging Centre (CIC) is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to conducting preclinical and clinical brain imaging research in the field of … Read more


Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank

Director: Naguib Mechawar, PhD Co-Director: Gustavo Turecki, MD PhD The Douglas Bell Canada Brain Bank is the largest brain bank in Canada that coordinates the brain donation process, prepares and … Read more


McGill-Mouse-Miniscope Platform

The McGill-Mouse-Miniscope (M3) Touchscreen Behaviour Platform is a cohesive imaging and behavioural neuroscience research laboratory. Our mission is to develop new expertise and technologies that bridge the research findings between … Read more


Molecular and Cellular Microscopy Platform (MCMP)

  The Molecular and Cellular Microscopy Platform (MCMP) is an advanced optical microscopy core facility founded in 2015 that offers access to the latest fluorescence microscopy techniques for neuroscience research. … Read more


Neuroinformatics Platform

Director: Mallar Chakravarty, PhD About the Neuroinformatics Platform The mission of the Douglas Neuroinformatics Platform is to enable measurement-based care and a compute-focused research community at the Douglas. Our goal is … Read more


Neurophenotyping Centre

Director: Joseph Rochford, PhD The Douglas Neurophenotyping Centre is a research facility designed to study how specific genes, subjected to environmental influences and stress modify the brain, behavior and cognitive … Read more