Research Nurse

Summary of position: 

The StoP-Alzheimer Center, a research centre, is seeking a highly motivated Research Nurse who will assist in a multi-year research project. This project will study several Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers via brain neuroimaging, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) proteins and several aspects of cognition and behavior.  The Research Nurse will be central to the ‘fluid’ biomarkers portion of this project including collection of blood and CSF specimens, the latter in collaboration with a neurologist and the project’s Coordinator. The Research Nurse will seek informed consent and gather information for basic health assessments including vital signs, interval history, review of systems, pharmacological profile, etc. She/he will work closely with the study physician and help with referral to specialists or family doctors as needed. An important part of the Research Nurse’s role will be continuing communication with the project’s current cohort of research participants as well as recruitment of new participants as needed. She/he will work with a team of research assistants, coordinators, physicians and investigators in a multidisciplinary setting.

Description of tasks: 
  • Describe and obtain informed consent for the lumbar puncture procedure
  • Assist participants’ understanding and compliance with procedures related to the lumbar puncture
  • Help with scheduling appointments to the clinic
  • Perform blood draws and review laboratory results with the study physician
  • Perform Health Assessments (vital signs, interval history, review of systems, pharmacological profile)
  • Follow-up, as needed, with research participants and family physicians or specialists, in case of clinically significant findings
  • Recruit new eligible participants into the cohort as required
  • Protect participant privacy by following guidelines established by ethics committees and, more generally, good clinical practices
Required qualifications: 
  • Hold a D.E.C. of Science in Nursing or, a Bachelor of Science composed of at least three (3) admissible certificates including at least two recognized certificates in nursing and a permit from the O.I.I.Q..
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in research with human subjects
  • Work experience with older populations (an asset)
  • Knowledge of local health network and community resources, along with ability and leadership to collaborate within this network
  • Good knowledge of French and English (written and spoken)
Required skills: 
  • DEC Nursing
  • Bilingual
Required abilities: 

Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills with elderly and potentially vulnerable research participants. Must have strong ability to work in an interdisciplinary team, have a sense of initiative, flexibility and capacity to adapt to change. Must be proficient with computer tools (internet, videoconferences, tools in the Microsoft Office suite, particularly Word, Excel and Powerpoint). Must be able to maintain cordial and supportive relationships with francophone and anglophone participants as well as their families.  Must be able to identify logistical and other procedural problems and help find appropriate solutions. Must demonstrate perseverance in work with a team of clinicians and laboratory researchers to assure completion of the research project.

Location of work: 
Perry Pavilion, Douglas Hospital Research Centre
Work schedule: 

35h /week, Full time, with para-governmental fringe benefits


The salary offered will be determined based on the candidate's experience and level of education and according to the union standards at the Research Center.

Will be required to travel for work?: 
Instructions for submitting application: 

Send CV to the research coordinator at

*Include the names and contact information of three referees.

Posting date: 
Monday, July 19, 2021 - Friday, August 20, 2021
Name of immediate supervisor: 

Jennifer Tremblay-Mercier