Research Day 2018: Congratulations to all award winners!

The 2018 Research Day took place June 5th 2018, and was an opportunity to celebrate our trainees!  Congratulations to the Research Day award winners:

Students of the Douglas InstituteDouglas Research Day Award Winners

Oral presentations:

  • 1st prize (Prix d'excellence du FRQ-S): Malvin Jefri (lab of Carl Ernst)
  • 2nd prize: Lauren Reynolds (lab of Cecilia Flores)
  • 3rd prize: Elisa Guma (lab of Mallar Chakravarty)


Poster presentations:

  • 1st prize: Alexa Pichet Binette (lab of Sylvia Villeneuve)
  • 2nd prize: Jessica Burdo (lab of Howard Steiger)


Students of the Graduate Program in Psychiatry

Oral presentations:Research Day Awards

1st prize (Marion Birmingham/Trevor Dennis Award): Nathaniel Moxley-Kelly (lab of Thomas Brown)

2nd prize: Jay Olson (lab of Amir Raz)


Poster presentations:

1st prize: Jessica Burdo (lab of Howard Steiger)


Visit the awards page to view more winners!