Any research activity or quality improvement study that a person wishes to conduct within the MWI IUHSSC must be declared to the institution and registered. This mandatory declaration states that the research activity in question involves:

  • Living human participants,
  • Medical records or databases, and/or
  • Human biological material, embryos, fetuses, fetal tissues, human reproductive material or human stem cells, from living or deceased persons.

To register a research project for authorization, you must complete and submit the following documents to

* Please note that the forms are currently being tested. We will revise them based on comments received from bidders and evaluators.

Only sections 1 and 2 of the Research project registration form must be completed for a multi-centre project and the evaluating REB is not from our institution. The Site-specific requirements form must be completed even if you do not use resources from the institution.


The following documents are forms that you may be asked to add according to the instructions given in the Research project registration form and Checklist.


The following documents should be used for the preparation of consent forms:


Documents must be submitted separately and in Word format. In order to help us to file e-mails, please include in the email subject heading "Submission of a new research project". If your project is already identified by a protocol number granted by an evaluating REB, write this number in the title "[Project number]: Submission of a new research project".

For the deadlines for submitting a project, please consult the following calendars :

For any questions concerning project registration, please contact the Research Office (