Peter Uhlhass, PhD

Special Seminar
Thursday, 12. September 2019 - 14:00
Peter Uhlhass


Please join us for this special seminar to kick off our Fall seminar series. Peter Uhlhass, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Psychology and Translational Neuroscience and Clinical Psychologist at the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, University of Glasgow, will give a talk entitled, "Using MEG to Identify Circuit Abnormalities and Biomarkers in Emerging Psychosis” on Thursday, September 12, 2:00 p.m. (Bowerman Room, Dobell, B-1127).

If you need more information or if you would like to meet with Dr. Uhlhaas, please contact Dr. Jai Shah.

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Douglas Institute
Bowerman Room, Dobell Pavilion

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