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You are involved in the quality of life of your neighborhood! 

The entire research team thanks you for your time and your active participation in our population study! Thanks to you the 4th cycle of the study was another great scientific success! The research questionnaire you are filling every two years contributes significantly to enrich the data available to the 20 researchers in our team who have so far published over 30 scientific articles and shared our research results in more than 50 conferences and symposiums worldwide. Visit the Publications tab to see it.

Additional thanks go to the study participants who took part in sub-studies of the project conducted by researchers of our team to deepen certain themes related to mental health such as social stigma, anxiety disorders and adequation of mental health services.

Ethics matters

Be assured that strict rules of confidentiality preserve the anonymity of all survey participants. In no event names or contact information will not be disclosed to third parties. Only professionals of our research team communicate with participants.

Let's keep in touch!

Your participation is always very important for our study and we very much hope that we will have your collaboration for a very long time. Please take a few minutes to inform us of any change of address, phone number or email address from you so that we keep in touch.

To contact us: 

Sophie Alarie, M.Sc.
Research coordinator
514 – 761-6131, ext: 3449

CIHR Team in Social and Psychiatric Epidemiology

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