Open Science at the Douglas


Are you interested in… The term Open Science has as many definitions as means of implementation. Open Science comprises a broad spectrum of practices, including Open Access publishing, open data … Read more

Research Support Office


Research framework Site-specific requirements (convenance) Liaison with Ethics boards Services for research Support for clinical trials Support for grant applications and partnership development Legal affairs Knowledge transfer Communications

Standing Committees


Standing committees provide researchers, employees, and students at the Douglas Research Centre with support and guidance for the breadth of their activities. Currently, there are 5 standing committees: Douglas Facility Animal … Read more

Animal Facility


The Douglas Research Centre Animal Facility is dedicated to the housing, breeding and behavioural phenotyping of mice and rats. We offer service for a battery of behavioral tests aimed at … Read more

Supporting Clinical Research


Douglas clinical researchers pursue mental health research in numerous areas. To support their activities in clinical research, we have established two entities that work closely: the Centre for the Advancement … Read more

Biostatistics Consulting Service


Granting agencies have growing expectations about the scientific rigor and reliability of the proposals for research projects and their derived publications. Therefore a Biostatistics Consulting Service was created under the … Read more

Knowledge Mobilization Services


Make your research results known Knowledge Mobilization Services (KMS) aims to help members of the Research Centre plan, fund and conduct knowledge transfer activities. A major initiative is the launch of … Read more