Sleep and children: practical advice


Sleep should be made a priority and the suggestions below can be implemented at home, school, and community environments to promote better sleep in children. Physical Environment Sleep is a … Read more

Sleep disorders in children


Pediatric Insomnia Mindell defines pediatric insomnia as “a repeated difficulty with sleep initiation, duration, consolidation, or quality that occurs despite age-appropriate time and opportunity for sleep and results in daytime … Read more

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Reut Gruber, PhD. director of the Attention, Behaviour and Sleep (ABS) Laboratory published up-to-date information on sleep and children, thanks to the financial support of Manulife.

Team – ABS lab

Team members of the ABS lab: DirectorReut Gruber, PhD For more information, contact

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Brain to Society Leader: Dr. Laurette Dubé Brain to Society (btS), which is part of McGill’s World Platform for Health and Economic Convergence, is a multidisciplinary group that seeks to … Read more

Training – ABS laboratory

Basic Research Training The goals that the lab sets for our students are: The lab has set several personal goals based on its understanding of how students learn and the … Read more

Attention, Behaviour and Sleep (ABS) Laboratory


Research Projects |  Sleep Squad video The Attention, Behaviour and Sleep (ABS) Lab is a multidisciplinary unit combining behavioural, psychological, genetic, and physiological methods to study the interplay between sleep and … Read more