OMERO image server

OMERO is an application that handles visualization, management and analysis of microscopy images. We have an OMERO instance running on our own server at the Douglas. Because of the current security policies at the Douglas Hospital, it is only accessible from inside the Douglas network.

Image from the OMERO website

You can use it to :

  • Transfer, view and organize all your images
  • Download original or converted copies of your images
  • Perform simple image analysis such as fluorescence intensity and ROI measurements
  • Make figures with automatic scale bars

For more information on OMERO, see : .

Please follow the connection guide in the Documents section of this website to connect to OMERO.

Internal web access (Douglas network only, won’t work outside the Douglas) : http://mcmpsrv01/omero

The OMERO server usage is measured daily and the average daily usage is charged every month. Please consult the fee section of this website to see the price for storage.

External users who are interested in OMERO for their applications should contact the coordinator.