Trainee award winners at Research Day 2024

The Douglas Research Centre and the Department of Psychiatry of McGill University held their annual Research Day on Friday, June 14, 2024.

As every year, the participation and contribution of many trainees, researchers and volunteers ensured the success of this event! Many short and long oral presentations were given throughout the day, as well as a poster session.

Research Day is also an opportunity to celebrate students who have recently received Douglas scholarships, as well as to recognize the best presentations made that day.

We are pleased to present the winners of the various awards for this 2024 edition.


Douglas prizes


Oral presentations :

Long talks

1st (FRQS Excellence Award) : Lyne Baaj (team of Rachel Rabin)

2nd : Jana Totzek (team of Martin Lepage)

3rd : Kelly Perlman (team of Naguib Mechawar)

Short talks

1st : Anna Marier (team of Maxime Montembeault)

2nd : Sebastián Boy Waxman
(team of Nicolas Cermakian)

3rd : Jessica Ahrens (team of Lena Palaniyappan)

Poster presentations :

1st : Alban Voppel  (team of Lena Palaniyappan)

2nd : Reine Khoury (équipe de Corina Nagy)

3rd : Aliza Brzezinski-Rittner
(équipe de Yashar Zeighami)

Psychiatry prizes


Oral presentations :

1st(Marion Birmingham/Trevor Dennis Award) :
Jana Totzek (team of Martin Lepage)

2nd : Maja Nikolic (team of Marco Leyton)

Poster presentations :

1st : Cassandra Zephirin (team of Massimiliano Orri)


Leyton Addiction Research Prize

Research Day also saw the announcement of the winner of the 2024 Leyton Prize.


Lauren Reynolds (team of Cecilia Flores)




Congratulations to the students and their supervisors!

Once again, we’d like to thank Dr. Nicolas Cermakian  and  the Douglas Student Committee for Academic Life(DAL) for their tireless work in organizing this event, as well as the Douglas Foundation and the many donors who made it possible.