Srividya N. Iyer interviewed on Radio Canada for Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mental Illness Awareness Week is underway (October 3-9, 2021). Dr. Srividya N. Iyer, one of 2021's Mental Health Champions, spoke to Radio Canada on the occasion, underscoring the need for early intervention, and for well-integrated services for those who are most at need. 

You can hear the whole interview here, in the section, "Semaine de la maladie mentale".

Dr. Iyer on Radio Canada


This year's Mental Illness Awareness Week is organized around the theme of Embrace, Celebrate and Connect. For more information on Mental Illness Awareness Week 2021 and other resources, visit

“Mental Illness Awareness Week is one of the key campaigns we run to help educate all Canadians about mental illness and how it impacts our lives. Reducing stigma and encouraging open conversation is the first step in making sure that all Canadians realize that if they are struggling, especially right now, they are not alone.”

– Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health co-chair Ellen Cohen.

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