Six of our researchers obtain a CIHR Project Grants

CIHR results for the last project grant competition were published. In total, the Douglas research centre was awarded over $4.2 M in this competition.

Congratulations to our researchers for their successful applications!

  • Mark Brandon: Bridging the gap between hippocampal mapping and behaviour
  • Marie-Claude Geoffroy: Associations of Childhood Emotional and Behavioural Problems with Medical Services Utilization and Costs: A Life Course Study
    Also named: Massimiliano Orri, Eric Latimer
  • Romina Mizrahi: Monoamine Oxidase B (MAO-B) in Schizophrenia and Cannabis use
    Also named: Pablo Rusjan, Ridha Joober, Mallar Chakravarty, Martin Lepage, Jai Shah
  • Judes Poirier: Apolipoprotein B and associated proteins in the etiology of Alzheimer's disease: A Tau-specific association with Alzheimer pathophysiology
  • Pedro Rosa-Neto: In vivo quantification of tau aggregates as a measure of disease progression in Alzheimer's disease spectrum
    Also named: Natasha Rajah
  • Sylvia Villeneuve: Development and validation of blood biomarkers for the detection of preclinical Alzheimer's disease
    Also named: Simon Ducharme, Judes Poirier