Six Douglas trainees receive Fellowships from Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives


Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives has just announced the recipients of the Fellowship Competition 8. We are pleased to announce that six of our trainees have obtained support through this Canada First for Research Excellence Fund.

  • Aurelie Bussy (Chakravarty lab): Investigation of the brain in physiological and pathological aging using multi-contrast imaging techniques
  • Cindy Lucero Garcia Garcia (Chakravarty lab): Cerebral blood flow relationship with neuroanatomical changes and lifestyle in aging
  • Emmanuel Olarewaju (Palaniyappan lab): Interpersonal language and motor coordination in psychosis: a neurobehavioural study in youth
  • Refilwe Mpai (Mechawar lab): Characterizing perineuronal nets in the human cerebellum: Are these structures impacted by child abuse?
  • Ting Qiu (Villeneuve lab): The role of structural network efficiency in cognitive resilience to AD pathology in preclinical AD
  • Justine Marsault (Rabin lab): Effects of chronic cannabis consumption on cognition and brain morphology in older adults

Congratulations to all!