Naguib Mechawar featured on Y’a du monde à messe

On July 9, Dr. Naguib Mechawar was one of the invited guests on Y'a du monde à messe, a weekly interview show broadcast on Téléquébec and hosted by Christian Bégin.

Joined by Janette Bertrand, Sophie Fouron, Ray Lalonde, and Philippe B., Dr. Mechawar shared a unique experience at the Paradox Theatre in Ville Émard. Over the course of an hour each guest shared aspects of themselves and their lives  to help viewers guess the link that unites them. Dr. Mechawar enthusiastically walks us through his work both as a researcher and as the Co-Director of the Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank, then shares his perspective on some of the challenges facing research. 


Didn't get to see it? You can watch the episode (en français) here.