Dr. Marie-Josée Fleury receives funding from the Substance Use and Addictions Program

May 13, 2024

Health Canada, through its Substance Use and Addictions Program, has awarded funding to Dr. Marie-Josée Fleury from 2024 to 2028.

The Substance Use and Addictions Program has selected Dr. Fleury’s project, “Quality and adequacy of services offered to meet the needs of users with substance use disorders served by Quebec’s addiction rehabilitation centers, and recommendations for improving services to this vulnerable population” for funding in it’s most recent round of funding decisions. This funding will support Dr. Fleury’s continued work aimed at improving the response to the needs of users with substance-related disorders. This project involves the investigation of a large 26-year cohort of users with substance-related disorders using Quebec’s health and education administrative databases, and of 500 users who will be recruited from addiction treatment centers in Quebec. The project aims to support recommendations for improving social and health services for this vulnerable population.

Congratulations to Marie-Josée Fleury!