Launching the Douglas Knowledge Mobilization Program

Did you know…

The 70% of trainees consider scientific communication to be highly important for their future careers, with 59% emphasizing the significance of knowledge translation. Knowledge Mobilization (KM) is a crucial skill that ensures new research knowledge influences informed decisions in health or science policies, programs, and practices. Additionally, science communication plays a vital role in informing the public and decision-makers about scientific advancements and their implications.

While specific roles like Program Coordinator of KM, Science Editor, and Communications Specialist exist in the non-profit and public sectors, these skills are valuable across various career paths, including research, policy, academic and scientific affairs, program management, and medical writing. They are also applicable across sectors such as academia, government, the private sector, and non-profit organizations.

The Douglas Knowledge Mobilization Program

As a part of the McGill-TREMPLIN Consortium, the Douglas is launching its Knowledge Mobilisation Program, whichaims to equip trainees with the necessary skills for successful communication in science careers or to pursue a career in the KM field.

Our program covers the theoretical foundations of knowledge mobilization and best practices for creating digital content. It includes guidance on transitioning to a career in scientific communication (SciCom), exposure to SciCom/KM careers, strategies for finding and applying for SciCom/KM jobs, and networking opportunities.

All trainees from Douglas, RI-MUH, LDI, and CRBS, regardless of their program or department, are welcome to apply before April 5, 2024.


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