Launch of DIALOG’ – a collaborative blog about substance use

What is DIALOG’?

DIALOG' is a collaborative blog about substance use, and is led by two students, Kristelle Alunni-Menichini (Perreault lab) & Caroline Leblanc, and their collaborator, Émilie Roberge. This project has been supported through the Douglas Open Science Awards, in its inaugural competition in 2022. It's a forum that promotes learning about substance use, issues surrounding substance use, inspiring practices, public policies, and inclusive research.

Visit the DIALOG' blog


How is it collaborative?

Individuals who have used substances or who currently use substances, clinicians or professionals, researchers and students, and any and all other people who would like to share their perspective can participate (under certain conditions). The DIALOG' project aims to promote exchanges between all stakeholders in substance use.


How does it address Open Science principles?

The Open Science Life CycleThe DIALOG' project will advance Open Science objectives through:

  1. Dissemination of results according to FAIR principles, using, among others, a platform that is accessible to all and use of social media to promote a wider reach
  2. Use of research findings to destigmatize substance use and associated disorders
  3. Engagement of persons with lived experience in research, while prioritizing their well-being and their private lives, for example through anonymous publications if desired or if there could be negative outcomes associates with publication of their identity

In agreement with the Open Science Life cycle, DIALOG' promotes knowledge mobilization, community engagement, and involvement of citizens.


For those who are interested in participating

You can submit one or several tickets (texts) between 500-800 words, corresponding to one of the listed themes (experiences and issues, practices, policies, or inclusive research) using the form available on the DIALOG' website.