Join the Training Program Committee for the McGill-Tremplin Consortium


June 22, 2023

The Douglas is a member of the McGill Tremplin initiative, a multi-centre, FRQ-funded consortium which aims to support career and professional development for McGill trainees.

The Douglas-led component of this program is putting together a Training Program Committee, which will help to shape the training curriculum and contribute to the development of a valuable learning experience for our trainees, and we are currently looking for individuals to join this committee.

The Training Program Committee will play a crucial role in creating an effective training program that aligns with the objectives of the McGill-Tremplin Consortium. We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who are passionate about career development and supporting the professional growth of our trainees.

The composition of the committee will include:

  1. Training Program Lead – Facilitator and coordinator of the committee, responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the training curriculum.
  2. Employers or Alumni – Representatives from our research centre’s industry partners or former trainees who can provide valuable insights into the industry’s needs and expectations.
  3. Principal Investigator – A respected and experienced researcher from our institute who can offer subject matter expertise and guide the development of the curriculum.
  4. Trainees – One or two trainees from our research centre who can provide a trainee’s perspective and contribute to shaping the program to meet their needs.

As a member of the Training Program Committee, your responsibilities would include:

  • Collaborating with other committee members to create a comprehensive training curriculum that aligns with the Tremplin objectives.
  • Identifying potential external partners who can contribute to the experiential learning opportunities within the program.
  • Providing content expertise and valuable feedback during the development of the curriculum.
  • Assisting in the identification and recruitment of suitable candidates for the training program.
  • Offering guidance and support in promoting and communicating the program effectively.

This is an excellent opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the professional development of our trainees and contribute to their successful integration into the workforce. Your expertise and insights will shape the future of the McGill-Tremplin  Consortium, and your contributions will be highly valued.

If you are interested in joining the Training Program Committee, please contact us using the button below by July 14, 2023. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide further details about the committee’s expectations and timeline.

Please consider this opportunity to support our trainees and contribute to their career development. Your involvement will play a crucial role in the success of the McGill-Tremplin Consortium.