Drs. Corina Nagy and Rachel Rabin awarded BBRF Young Investigator Awards

We are pleased to announce that two of our researchers, Drs Corina Nagy and Rachel Rabin, were awarded Brain and Behavior Research  Fund Young Investigator Awards for 2022. The BBRF Young Investigator Grants are awarded annulally to enable promising investigators to either extend research fellowship training or begin careers as independent research faculty. Each awardee receives $70,000 USD over two years to help them launch careers in neuroscience and psychiatry and gather pilot data to apply for larger federal and university grants. BBRF has awarded more than $269 million in Young Investigator Grants around the world since 1987.

Dr. Nagy received a Basic Science award for her work, which seeks to uncover the molecular features underlying sex-specific cellular phenotypes and networks to discern how susceptibility and development of major depression (MDD) differ between sexes, while Dr. Rabin received a Next-Generation Therapies award for her project, which aims for a better understanding of how tobacco use affects the brain and may help scientists develop new medications to treat people with tobacco use disorder.

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