Dr. Simon Ducharme and his company, AFX Medical, win big in McGill’s Clinical Innovation Competition

McGill’s 5th Clinical Innovation Competition, or CLICL, for short, was held virtually on May 10, 2022. This annual competition was created in 2018 to inspire members of McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences to conceive and develop promising ideas that will have a direct and positive impact on Canadian or global health care.

Of the five prizes awarded, the First Marika Zelenka Roy Innovation Prize recognizes the best solution to an unmet clinical need for the care of a patient and the highest likelihood of success in being translated. This year, AFX Medical, a company co-founded by Dr. Simon Ducharme, secured this award for the pursuit of their projects aiming to leverage artificial intelligence for the development of products that improve clinical care in brain disorders.


Congratulations Dr. Ducharme!


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