Dr. Nicolas Cermakian Sheds Light on Circadian Rhythms and Immune System in Medical Treatments

Nicolas Cermakian was featured in a publication in Drug Discovery News, shedding light on the significance of circadian rhythms in the immune system and their potential impact on medical treatments. The article entitled “Immunologists hack body rhythms for medicine” was published in May 2023.

The article explores the growing understanding of how internal clocks regulate various bodily functions and emphasizes the crucial role of circadian rhythms in immune function and overall health. Dr. Cermakian mentions that the science revealing immunity and circadian rhythms is relatively new.

The article discusses the daily variations in immune responses and the rhythmic behavior of different types of immune explores how disruptions in circadian rhythms can impact health and contribute to diseases such as metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

If selecting the right time of day will make the vaccine two or three times more efficient — that can be a lot. That can save many lives.’

Dr. Nicolas Cermakian

According to Dr. Cermakian, understanding immune rhythms can lead to advancements in drug administration and disease treatment, with the potential to enhance immune responses and reduce side effects.

The article acknowledges the need for further research to implement these findings into clinical practice and the potential use of factors like light exposure, meal timing, exercise, and melatonin supplementation to manipulate circadian rhythms.

Dr. Cermakian concludes by emphasizing the complexity of circadian immunity and the ongoing need for research to answer new questions that arise from these discoveries.


Visit the article link to read the full article or download the May 2023 print edition here.