Dr. Myra Piat funded through CIHR’s Transforming Health with Integrated Care Program

October 20, 2023

Dr. Myra Piat was among 13 researchers whose projects were funded through CIHR’s Transforming Health with Integrated Care (THINC) initiative. This initiative supports health research projects, people, teams and a coordinating hub that together advance knowledge creation, capacity development (training), and knowledge mobilization in pursuit of health care that is coordinated and centered around people’s and distinct populations’ specific needs. Overall, the THINC initiative aims to advance evidence-informed integrated care policies and interventions that advance the Quadruple Aim (i.e., improving the patient experience of care; the health of populations; the health care provider experience; and value for money) and health equity.

We are proud to announce that Dr. Piat’s project, Adapting Walk the Talk Toolkit for Equity Deserving Groups: A Pan-Canadian Study, was among the funded proposals.

Adapting Walk the Talk Toolkit for Equity Deserving Groups: A Pan-Canadian Study

Research summary

The aim of this study is to socially and culturally adapt Walk the Talk Toolkit for equity deserving groups across Canada. Walk the Talk Toolkit is an online bilingual toolkit designed to help organizations implement the Canadian Guidelines for Recovery-Oriented Practice. These Guidelines, published by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, do not provide a process that organizations can use to implement these guidelines. Walk the Talk Toolkit is a pragmatic implementation science-based approach to promote uptake and sustainability of recovery-oriented integrated care in Canada and a bridge between psychiatric and community-based services. Our focus is on adapting Walk the Talk Toolkit for organizations serving marginalized populations, including groups who are marginalized on the basis of their gender, heritage, nationality, race or ethnicity

Principal Investigator(s) / Researchers
  • Researchers: Myra Piat (Nominated Principal Investigator), Marie-Pier Rivest, Ian Graham, Helene Albert, Shannon Wiltsey-Sirman, Michel Perreault, Geneveive Sauvé, Lena Palaniyappan
  • Decision-maker: Maura Lawless, Bonnie McCloud, Linda O’Brien, Sonia Côté, Ina Winkelmann, Gael Gilbert
  • Persons with lived/living experience: Carol Plathan, Dawn Baker, Ernest Guptil
  • Provider: Katelyn Feather, Martha Singh Jennings, Mireille Couture, Francois Hubin, Anita Makokis, Ali Serjeant, Jennifer Moutinho
Knowledge Mobilization and Impact Champion
  • Myra Piat
  • Ian Graham

The Leadership Team includes 27 Knowledge Users and 8 researchers including: 6 Principal Knowledge Users (CEOs) and 20 other Knowledge Users from each site: service users, family members, service providers and policy makers.


CIHR-Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)


Transforming Health with Integrated Care (THINC) – Implementation Science Team (IST)