Dr. Marie-Josée Fleury obtains funding from FRQSC

Congratulations to Dr. Marie-Josée Fleury, who was just awarded funding from FRQSC for her project, entitled ‘Profils, trajectoires et qualité des services des usagers avec un trouble lié au jeu de hasard et d’argent traités dans les centres de réadaptation en dépendance du Québec’.  

The funding was awarded in the context of a special initiative entitled, ‘Gambling and other addictions’. The goal of the program is to improve knowledge about gambling and the harm that can be associated with it.  

The program also addresses risky or problematic behaviours associated with gambling, such as substance use or substance-use disorders, mental health problems or mental disorders, risky or problematic Internet use, and homelessness.  

Congratulations Dr. Fleury!  

For more information please follow the link.