Dr. Eric Latimer obtains a Partnership Development Grant from SSHRC

Congratulations to Dr. Eric Latimer, who has been awarded a Partnership Development Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for the project The Québec homelessness prevention policy collaborative: Phase II of a successful partnership. This work, co-directed by Eric Latimer and James Hughes (Old Brewery Mission), is being carried out by a team of 15 co-applicants and is being developed with 6 partners.


This grant will support the activities of a partnership, focused on homelessness prevention, between community organizations in the homelessness sector (mainly Old Brewery Mission, Québec’s largest non-profit in that sector) and academia (mainly McGill University.) The partnership is articulated through several working groups, each focusing on a specific subpopulation at risk of experiencing homelessness: women fleeing domestic violence, people leaving the correctional system, people facing evictions, people with mental illness, etc.

The team is made up of Eric Latimer and James Hughes, co-directors, and 13 co-applicants:

  • Anne Crocker, Montréal University
  • Arijit Nandi, McGill University
  • Cécile Arbaud, Dans la rue (Bon Dieu dans la rue)
  • Christine Stich, McGill University
  • David Wachsmuth, McGill University
  • Flora Pearl Eliadis, McGill University
  • Isabel Gervais, Young Men’s Christian Association
  • Jessica Soto, Diogène
  • Jill Hanley, McGill University
  • Laurence Roy, McGill University
  • Maryse Paré, Young Men’s Christian Association
  • Melpomeni Kamateros, Shield of Athena Family Services
  • Art Campbell, No Institutional Affiliation

Moreover, the work is carried out jointly by 6 partners:

  • Dans la rue (Bon Dieu dans la rue)
  • Diogène
  • McGill University
  • Old Brewery Mission
  • Shield of Athena Family Services
  • Young Men’s Christian Association

Congratulations to Dr. Latimer and his team!