Douglas Researchers Contribute to a $52M-NIMH Consortium on the Cause and Effect of Schizophrenia in Some High-risk Adolescents

We are proud to announce that researchers at the Douglas Research Centre will be contributing to a major investigation into the causes and effects of psychosis in adolescents who are at risk. The $52M-project, named Psychosis Risk Outcomes Network, or ProNET, is led by Dr. Scott Woods at the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University and is being funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Jai Shah will be leading the Douglas’ participation in this consortium, along with Drs. Mallar Chakravarty, Martin Lepage, and Rachel Rabin. In all, 26 other sites around the world will be contributing to this massive effort to explore clinical and biomarker assessments, including brain structure and function, psychopathology and cognition, genetics, behavior, and natural language and speech, among over one thousand adolescents and young adults at high risk of developing psychosis.

Congratulations to our researchers on this exciting project!

For more information, please consult news items from McGill,  Yale and the NIMH.