Douglas researchers among experts named to prepare the World Alzheimer Report for 2021 and 2022

Drs. Pedro Rosa-Neto and Serge Gauthier, along with McGill colleagues Dr. José A. Morais, Claire Webster, Dr. Tamara Ellen Carver, Zeina Salameh, Carol Servaes, Maria Vincelli, Diane Weidner, and Leila Zahabi, have been commissioned by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) to deliver the next two editions of the World Alzheimer Report on the crucial and inter-related topics of Diagnosis (2021) and Post-Diagnostic Support (2022).

The 2021 report: Journey through the diagnosis of dementia, is slated for release during World Alzheimer’s Month in September 2021, alongside a global awareness raising campaign.

“We strongly believe that our combined experience and expertise in research, care, education and lived experience in dementia-related illnesses will provide a tangible, meaningful and inclusive report on diagnosis and the management of dementia to Alzheimer’s Disease International,” says Dr. Gauthier.

For more information, see McGill's full article.