Dr. Cecilia Flores interviewed by BBC on the genetics of human behaviour

A BBC article ‘How genetics determine our life choices’ featured Douglas Research Centre researcher Dr. Cecilia Flores. The article was published on the BBC Future website, Beyond the Genome on May 10, 2023. In the interview with BBC, Dr. Flores shared her expertise and provided valuable insights into the intricate relationship between our genetic makeup and our behavioural tendencies. During the interview, Dr. Flores emphasized the role of genetics in shaping various aspects of human behaviour.

Individuals at the highest risk are also the ones who benefit most from a healthy environment. A positive environment can buffer genetic susceptibility, and even reverse it.
– Dr. Cecilia Flores

The article elaborated on how specific genetic variations can influence personal preferences, personality traits, and even leisure activities, shedding light on the underlying genetic influences that contribute to individual differences in behaviour. It also addresses the influence of genetics on relationship dynamics, highlighting that while our genetic predispositions play a part, they do not solely determine our ability to form long-term relationships. The article further dives into the topic of addictive behavior and its genetic underpinnings.

Visit the BBC article link to read the full article.