Congratulations to the winners of the D3S talks!

The Douglas Student Committee for Academic Life put on another very successful round of presentations in this year's Douglas Special Scientific Symposia (D3S)! Congratulations to all the trainees who presented their fascinating work during the four online sessions. 


We are pleased to announce this year's prize winners below. A warm thank you to the organizers of the D3S, to the judges, and to all the participants!


Prizes for long talks

1st place – Prix d'excellence du FRQ-S

Danielle Penney (team Martin Lepage), for her talk, Severe Childhood Trauma Differentially Impacts Emotion Recognition in Males and Females with First-Episode Psychosis


2nd place

Claudia Belliveau (team Naguib Mechawar), for her talk, Perineuronal nets and microglia in the brains of depressed suicides


3rd place

Jose Maria Restrepo (équipes/teams Cecilia Flores and Patricia Silveira), for his talk, Corticolimbic DCC gene co-expression networks predict impulsivity in children


Prizes for the best short talks – no ranking

Rixing Lin (team Gustavo Turecki), for his talk, Profiling global circular RNA expression in human post-mortem brain of individuals with bipolar disorder

Jillian McCarthy (team Simon Ducharme), for her talk, Data-driven staging of genetic frontotemporal dementia using multi-modal MRI

Kasia Szyszkowicz (teams Giamal Luheshi and Nicolas Cermakian), for her talk, Early life stress disrupts gut microbiota composition in mice during postnatal development