Congratulations to our CIHR Project Grant Recipients!

CIHR results for the last project grant competition were published today. Congratulations to all of our researchers named as PIs on successful applications: John Breitner, Alain Brunet, Manuela Ferrari, Marie-Josée Fleury, and Myra Piat!

The projects that will benefit from that funding are:

  • Innate immune activity, the aging brain, Alzheimer’s disease pathology and symptoms: a novel approach to prevention (Dr. Breitner)
  • Provision of services for trauma- and stressor-related (TSR) disorders during a pandemic: Investigating the Utility of Reconsolidation Therapy Delivered Online (Drs. Brunet and Ferrari)
  • Trajectoires et qualité des soins reliées aux profils de patients avec des troubles mentaux et résultats de santé associés (Dr. Fleury)
  • How Can Facilitation be Used as an Implementation Science Strategy?  An Exploratory study on the “Lived Experience” of Facilitation in implementing Canada’s Mental Health Recovery Guidelines (Dr. Piat)

Official results will be posted here.