CIHR funds 11 Douglas researchers through the Fall 2022 Project Grant Competition

CIHR results for the Fall 2022 Project Grant competition were published on February 1, 2023.

We are pleased to report that in this latest competition, Douglas researchers have collectively secured over $6.77M – congratulations to all successful applicants (see below).

A sincere thanks goes to Dr. Dominique Walker, who chairs the Douglas Internal Grant Review Committee.

Recipients of CIHR Project Grants - Fall 2022

Project Grants Awarded

  • Serge Beaulieu – Objectively-Derived Biorhythm Measures for a Staging Model: Towards Research Exactness and Appropriate Treatments in Bipolar Disorder (TREAT-BD)
  • Véronique Bohbot – Can virtual navigation strategies predict polygenic risk of Alzheimer disease and cognitive decline?
  • Nicolas Cermakian – The transcriptional and epigenomic mechanisms underlying the circadian regulation of CD8 T cell response
  • Carl Ernst – Mechanisms of FOXG1 deficiency in brain cell proliferation and patterning
  • Sherif Karama – Are psychostimulants affecting children’s hippocampal development and function? A longitudinal evaluation.
  • Florian Storch – Dual oscillator control of rest-activity rhythms and its relevance for cyclicity in bipolar disorder
  • Sylvain Williams – Revealing the role of hippocampal interneurons and principal cells in navigation and planning

Project Grants awarded – Priority Announcements

  • Mallar Chakravarty – The impact of gestational cannabis exposure on brain and behavioural development: a study spanning fetal development to adulthood
  • Rachel Rabin – Targeting the Endocannabinoid System to Improve Cannabis Withdrawal in Cannabis-Tobacco Co-users
  • Lalit Srivastava – Role of adolescent ventral hippocampus in the development of corticolimbic system and behaviors related to neurodevelopmental disorders

Project Grant – Bridge Funding

  • Gustavo Turecki – Extracellular vesicles (EVs) as a window into the depressed brain: an investigation of brain-cell derived EVs

The official results are
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