Calling all students and postdocs of the Douglas

Do you want to get involved in the planning of academic activities in the research centre?

The Douglas Student Committee for Academic Life (or "the DAL" for friends!), composed of trainees (students and postdocs) of the research centre, aims at planning scientific activities involving trainees and others in the research centre, and discussing new and upcoming developments in the research centre and ensure that trainees have their say in these. Over the past years, the DAL has organized many scientific activities such as the Hendlisz prizes event, Research Blitzes, the Undergraduate Research Expo, a movie viewing and discussion, and of course, the Annual Research Day. We hope to keep going like this in the coming year.

For this, we will need new members of this committee who are pro-active trainees, motivated to work hard to make the Douglas an always better place to study, work and interact with colleagues. We also aim to have a good representation of the different aspects of the research centre (psychosocial, clinical, neuroscience, different research themes, different levels of training). Positions are open for the 2022-23 committee.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please email Dr. Nicolas Cermakian at, with a short presentation of who you are, your level of study, your lab and research topic, and most importantly, the reasons why you think that you are an ideal person to sit on this committee. 

If you are you hesitating or would you like more information before making a decision, Dr. Cermakian is available to meet and chat.