Call for Review committee members – 2022 OLAOLA Awards *Extended deadline*

To all Douglas Research Centre graduate students and postdocs
– Apply by April 29, 2022

The selection of the OLAOLA awards, a new award competition that aims to support students based on their research projects and to support equity and diversity at the Douglas Research Centre, will be done via a peer-review process. Specifically, the applications will be evaluated by a review committee consisting of post-doctoral fellows and graduate students. This is a call for volunteers to serve on the committee for the 2022 competition.

The objective here is to provide students with the experience of scientific review and also to give them the chance to be actively involved in having an equitable and diverse research centre

Ideally, we would like to recruit 1-2 reviewers from each of the 4 divisions of the research centre (Basic Neuroscience, Human Neuroscience, Clinical Research, and Mental Health and Society), consisting of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. Please note that you are not eligible to serve as a reviewer if you have submitted an application to the OLAOLA award this year. 

The review process will proceed as follows:

You will have to complete a brief form indicating your current lab, and to declare your conflicts. Based on your conflict responses, you will be assigned 8-10 applications to read. The criteria and scoring grid will be provided to all reviewers.

Estimated time commitment: 2 h.

If you are interested, please send an email to indicating your interest before April 29, 5:00 PM. When you do so, please indicate which lab you are in, a brief outline (~2 lines) of your own expertise, and your level of training (postdoc, PhD, and year in that program).

Aurélie Bussy

Organizer of the competition and Philanthropy Coordinator at OLAOLA
PhD student at the Douglas Research Centre