Extended deadline: 2024 VIVA/Science Pop Awards

May 3, 2024

*** Extended deadline: May 7, 2024***

After the resounding success of its first edition, the VIVA Awards are back in 2024. The VIVA Awards are given to outstanding science communicators who are currently training at the Douglas.

Once again, VIVA Mental Health is partnering with Science Pop to have both local (at the Douglas) and provincial competitions, with the VIVA competition date set for September 25, 2024, and the Science Pop provincial date set at November 21-22, 2024.

This year’s competition categories are:

  • Outreach Challenge
  • Media Challenge
  • Sustainable Health Challenge

The VIVA Program, our Knowledge Mobilization initiative is proud to launch its 2024 VIVA Awards, which recognize the best knowledge mobilization activities undertaken by Douglas trainees. As in 2023, the Douglas Research Centre is partnering with IRCM and FRQS’s Science POP program to promote student engagement in Science Communication.

Science POP is a Quebec-wide scientific communication competition brought forward by the IRCM and supported by the FRQS with the mission of promoting dialogue between science and society. The Science POP initiative is part of a common vision of research institutions and funding agencies to put science to the benefit of society. In this spirit, this competition aims to awaken scientific curiosity in the general population of Quebec and to encourage the training of the next generation of scientists, beyond the laboratory experience: to pass on knowledge; to promote research; to be an actor of change.

We invite all trainees and students at the Douglas to consult the VIVA Awards page for more details.

By joining the Science POP initiative…

     Students in biomedical sciences can

  • Develop scientific communication skills
  • Engage with your community

     The general public can

  • Acquire more knowledge related to biomedical research
  • Learn more about the benefits and impact of scientific research

     Quebec Society can

  • Better counter misinformation
  • Develop a strong scientific literacy