Naguib Mechawar

Naguib Mechawar

Room F-2101-1, Frank B. Common pavilion

6875 Boulevard Lasalle
Montréal, QC
H4H 1R3

(514) 761-6131 x3365

Research area: 
Basic Neuroscience / Animal Research

Research Theme: 
Stress, mood and impulsivity disorders

Researcher and Director, Stress, Mood and Impulsivity Disorders Research Program, Douglas Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University
Graduate Program Director, Dept of Psychiatry, McGill University
Director, Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank

Neuroanatomy of mood disorders and suicide

Naguib Mechawar, PhD, joined the Douglas Institute and the McGill Group for Suicide Studies in 2007. He is mainly interested in identifying the neurochemical and neuroanatomical features underlying major depression and suicide. His research is focused on limbic brain regions.

Different research themes are explored in his laboratory, namely:

- The comparative study of neuroinflammatory markers in the brains of healthy and depressed individuals.
- The characterization of neurogenic markers expressed in the amygdala in relation to major depression and suicide.
- The study of circulating growth factors as potent neurogenic molecules.
- The fine neuroanatomical properties of glial cells in the human brain.

S. G. Torres-Platas, C. Nagy, M. Wakid, G. Turecki, N. Mechawar (2015) Glial fibrillary acidic protein is differentially expressed across cortical and subcortical regions in healthy brains and downregulated in the thalamus and caudate nucleus of depressed suicides. Mol Psychiatry (in press).

M.E. Maheu, J. Devorak, A. Freibauer, M.A. Davoli, G. Turecki, N. Mechawar (2015) Increased doublecortin (DCX) expression and incidence of DCX-immunoreactive multipolar cells in the subventricular zone-olfactory bulb system of suicides. Front Neuroanat (in press).

M.E. Maheu, J.P. Lopez, L. Crapper, M.A. Davoli, G. Turecki, N. Mechawar (2015) MicroRNA regulation of central glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) signalling in depression. Transl Psychiatry 5:e511.

S.G. Torres-Platas, C. Cruceanu, G.G. Chen, G. Turecki, N. Mechawar (2014) Evidence for increased microglial priming and macrophage recruitment in the dorsal anterior cingulate white matter of depressed suicides. Brain Behav Immun. 42:50-9.

S.G. Torres-Platas, S. Comeau, A. Rachalski, G. Dal Bo, C. Cruceanu, G. Turecki, B. Giros, N. Mechawar (2014) Morphometric characterization of microglial phenotypes in human cerebral cortex. J Neuroinflammation 11:12.

M. Maheu, M.A. Davoli, G. Turecki, N. Mechawar N (2013) Amygdalar expression of proteins associated with neuroplasticity in major depression and suicide. J Psych Res 47:384-90.

E. Freemantle, N. Mechawar*, G. Turecki* (2013) Cholesterol and phospholipids in frontal cortex and synaptosomes of suicide completers: relationship with endosomal lipid trafficking genes. J Psychiatry Res 47:272-9.

I. Mahar, S. Tan, M.A. Davoli, S. Dominguez-Lopez, C. Qiang, A. Rachalski, G. Turecki, N. Mechawar N (2011) Subchronic peripheral neuregulin-1 increases ventral hippocampal neurogenesis and induces antidepressant-like effects. PLoS One 6(10): e26610.

S.G. Torres-Platas, C. Hercher, M.A. Davoli, G. Maussion, B. Labonté, G. Turecki, N. Mechawar N (2011) Astrocytic hypertrophy in anterior cingulate white matter of depressed suicides. Neuropsychopharmacology 36:2650-2658.

C. Hercher, L. Canetti, G. Turecki, N. Mechawar N (2010) Anterior cingulate pyramidal neurons display altered dendritic branching in depressed suicides. J Psychiatr Res 44 :286-293.

C. Hercher, M. Parent, C. Flores, L. Canetti, G. Turecki, N. Mechawar N (2009) Alcohol dependence-related increase of glial cell density in the anterior cingulate cortex of suicide completers. . J Psychiatry Neurosci 34 :281-8.

CIHR New Investigator (2012-17)
Bell Senior Fellow in Mental Health (2012-14)

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