Douglas Researchers - Mental Health and Society Division

Organisation and adequacy of mental health services

Longitudinal epidemiology of suicide and related mental disorders accross the lifespan and interventions to promote mental health

Youth mental health and early intervention for psychosis, in Canada and beyond

Suzanne King, PhD

Role of prenatal maternal stress in the development of psychopathology

Mental health policy and economic evaluation

Population mental health and early life stress in neuropsychiatric disorders across the lifespan

Marjorie Montreuil, PhD

Engaging stakeholders in child suicide prevention: Research program on suicide care, ethics, and methodological advancements with children

Michel Perreault, PhD

Knowledge translation through training and program evaluation

Mental health recovery, housing, homelessness for people with psychiatric disabilities, and knowledge translation

Laurence Roy, PhD

Precariousness, mental illness and psychosocial rehabilitation

Jai Shah

Early intervention, first episode psychosis, at-risk mental states, youth mental health, clinical staging in psychiatry

Rob Whitley

Social psychiatry research