McGill – TREMPLIN – Training program

Douglas Program for Knowledge Mobilization

Part of the TREMPLIN Consortium of McGill-affiliated centres


Contact person: Marie-Eve Arsenault (TC-INNO)

Collaborators: Drs. Nicolas Cermakian and Manuela Ferrari

The Douglas Program on Knowledge Mobilization is a component of the TREMPLIN Consortium of McGill-affiliated centres. This program is composed of 2 phases aimed at providing knowledge mobilization (KM) skills to TREMPLIN Consortium students.

Phase 1 will cover the theoretical foundations of knowledge mobilization and best practices for digital content creation as the transition to a career in science communication (SciCom), including exposure to SciCom/MC careers, strategies for finding and applying to SciCom/MC jobs, and networking. Please note that a limited number of places may be allocated for the 1st phase for other DRC members.

Phase 2 will focus on the creation of an individual knowledge management project that supports the application of skills acquired in phase 1.


Main goals

  • Increase participants’ understanding of a specific focus area (knowledge mobilization and science communication; research management; or precision medicine), facilitating their preparedness for different career paths
  • Provide hands-on learning opportunities through experiential or simulation activities
  • Assist trainees in understanding the career landscape connected to the area of focus
  • Facilitate trainee acquisition of essential skills, including cross-functional skills, required for a career in the specific area of interest.

Outcomes for each workshop participant

  • Knowledge Mobilization plan
  • KM Digital products
  • Certificate of training completion from the TREMPLIN Consortium of McGill-affiliated centres
  • Promotion on DRC social network accounts and TREMPLIN channels



Each workshop is 1.5 hrs and will be held via Zoom except for the presentations of April 29 where we will have to be in person.

2024 Programming
  • April 15 : What is Knowledge Mobilization (KM)? What it is not?
  • April 17 : Social media for KM
  • April 22 : Using Design Thinking to create a KM plan
  • April 24 : Making a KM Video: Tips and Tricks
  • April 29 : Presentations of individual KM project



  • Students (Masters, PhD) and post-docs from the 4 McGill-TREMPLIN Consortium institutes centres (DRC, LDI, CRBS, RI-MUHC)
  • 10 to 12 applications will be selected
  • For phase 1, a few researchers or employees of the Douglas Research Centre may be accepted


Registration Information

Register here

Online registration, from March 19 to April 1, 2024.