Marc Diamond

Special Seminar
Wednesday, September 29, 2021 - 10:00am

The International Dementia Conference Series,  hosted by the McGill Centre for Studies in Aging resumed its biweekly events beginning September 15, 2021, with the Prion Hypothesis and Protein Aggregate Series.

Please join us for a presentation by Marc Diamond, MD, entitled "Insights into Tauopathy based on the Prion model."

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Insights into Tauopathy based on the Prion model

The prion hypothesis predicts that transcellular propagation of protein assemblies underlies progressive neurodegeneration. A central idea is that unique, self-propagating assembly structures, termed strains, causes distinct tauopathies. Our work in the past decade has provided critical support to this idea. The current state-of-the-art in the structural analysis of strains is cryo-electron microscopy, which reveals a variety of relatively immobile “cores” in the fibrils derived from various tauopathies. We have sought to extend the characterization of tau strains using a dynamic analysis based on cell models of tauopathy. We have exploited defined mutagenesis, especially alanine scans, to define amino acids critical for the formation of different tau assemblies. This reveals “fingerprints” that define strains based on their propagation from relatively tiny amounts of soluble brain material. Surprisingly, these findings correlate well with structures predicted by cryo-EM, suggesting that cellular models of tauopathy, in addition to being useful to study tau propagation, will also provide structural information about pathogenic tau assemblies. This presentation will inform the audience about the cell biology that underlies tau prion propagation and the characterization of tau strains. 

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