Laurence Roy, PhD

Laurence Roy, PhD



6875 Boulevard Lasalle
Montréal, QC 
H4H 1R3

 Office:E-3105, Perry Pavilion

Researcher, Douglas Research Centre

Assistant Professor, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University

Lab name: Precariousness, mental illness and psychosocial rehabilitation

Division: Mental Health and Society


My research team focuses on profiles, trajectories and perspectives of community integration and psychosocial rehabilitation of persons living with mental illness, particularly those living in situations of precariousness such as homelessness, housing instability, and justice involvement. 

Four projects are ongoing :

• I am leading the project « Troubles mentaux, itinérance et judiciarisation : Des connaissances à l’action », funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2015-2017). The project brings together researchers from the At Home/Chez soi project, social and health service providers from the CSSS Jeanne-Mance in downtown Montreal, community organizations serving the homeless population of Montreal, the Montreal Police Service, as well as persons with lived experience of mental illness and homelessness. The objective of the project is to exchange experiential, practical and empirical knowledge around criminal justice involvement of homeless persons living with mental illness, and to open a space for envisioning strategies to reduce criminal justice involvement in this group.
• I am leading the project « AMONT : Situation résidentielle et risque d’itinérance chez les nouveaux utilisateurs de services de santé mentale », also funded by CIHR (2015-2019). The project aims to recruit over 700 new mental health service users within seven clinical sites throughout Quebec (four Montreal sites, three peripheral sites). Quantitative and qualitative interviews will be used to produce profiles of participants’ housing situation and risk of homelessness.
• I am co-researcher on the second phase of At Home/Chez soi Montréal, leaded by Eric Latimer.
• I am co-researcher on a project that aims to collect and analyze administrative justice data of At Home/Chez soi participants, leaded by Tonia Nicholls (UBC).

Jean-Philippe Gagnon, Research coordinator
Mathieu Dostie, Research coordinator

Marie-Anne Bourassa, Field research agent
Marc-Antoine Lapierre, Field research agent

Alissa Low, Research assistant
Béatrice Gagné, Research assistant

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