Kieran O’Donnell

Kieran O'Donnell

6875 Boulevard Lasalle

Montréal, QC H4H 1R3

(514) 761-6131 x4341

Research area: 
Basic Neuroscience / Animal Research
Clinical Research / Human Research

Research Theme: 
Psychosis and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Epigenetics Reseacher at the Ludmer Centre and the
Douglas Hospital Research Centre
Assistant Professor in Epigenetics and Epidemiology, Dep. of Psychiatry, McGill University

Perinatal influences on early-childhood development, biological embedding of early adversity

Dr O’Donnell is a leading expert in perinatal influences on early-childhood development, and the biological embedding of early adversity. His work examines how the early environment shapes child development. This multidisciplinary work combines genetic, epigenetic and epidemiological approaches to identify those at-risk for adverse mental health outcomes. He also seeks to better understand the molecular mechanisms by which positive and nurturing environments mediate their positive effects on child neurodevelopment.

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