Jamie Near, PhD




6875 Boulevard Lasalle
Montréal, QC
H4H 1R3

Associated Researcher, Douglas Research Centre


Jamie Near’s research is focused on the development of advanced magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) techniques to accurately measure metabolite concentrations in the human brain. Specific activities in Jamie Near’s Laboratory include:

Pulse sequence programming
Data processing and analysis
Radiofrequency coil development
Quantum mechanical simulation of MRS experiments

A native of Toronto, Jamie Near received his undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University in 2004. He then went on to the University of Western Ontario’s Robarts Research Institute where he received his PhD in Medical Biophysics. His doctoral thesis involved the development of imaging techniques and radiofrequency coils for MR investigations of prostate cancer. Following his PhD, Jamie then went on to a postdoctoral position at the University of Oxford, UK, where his research was focused on the development of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) methods for quantitative measurement of neurotransmitter concentrations in the human brain, with a particular focus on psychiatric applications. In 2012, Jamie returned to Canada to work as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University.